New Intermediate Grammar Announcement

Hello,  Friends,

Intermediate-level grammars of the Greek NT are few and far between.  
Subscribers to B-Greek may be interested in the forthcoming release from
Broadman & Holman called _Intermediate New Testament Greek: A Linguistic
and Exegetical Approach_ by Richard A. Young.  The release date is
August 12, 1994 in time for the Fall semester.

The book is designed to help students in NT Greek classes better use their
knowledge of Greek in the exegesis of the NT.  It accomplishes this goal
by augmenting traditional grammar with insights from modern linguistics.
The author takes students beyond the surface structure of the language by
introducing them to a number of modern linguistic models, including a
modified transformational grammar, propositional analysis, genre criticism,
semantic structural analysis, pragmatics, speech act theory, and
discourse analysis.

The book is written with clarity and precision, being neither too simple
nor overly cumbersome and pedantic.  Each chapter ends with exercises.
An Answer Key will be provided *free* to instructors who adopt the text.

Contents:  Introduction: Language Study and the Exegetical Task,
(1) Nominative, Vocative, and Accusative, (2) The Genitive, (3) The
Dative, (4) The Article, (5) Pronouns and Adjectives, (6) Prepositional
Phrases, (7) Present, Imperfect, and Future, (8) Aorist, Perfect, and
Pluperfect, (9) Voice and Mood, (10) Participles, (11) Infinitives,
(12) Conjunctions, (13) Adverbs and Particles, (14) Sentence Structure,
(15) Special Sentences and Clauses, (16) Figurative Language, (17)
Discourse Analysis, (18) Diagraming.

The book has a bibliography, subject and Scripture indices.  The 
ISBN is 0-8054-1059-7, and it will sell for $21.99.

Laura Young