Eph 4


I think you are partly right.  It seems to me that the initial _pros_ in 
Eph 4:12 obviously refers back to the apostles et. al., and most likely the 
_eis_ refers to "saints" (it would read thus:  ". . .he gave some as 
apostles, . . .for equipping the saints unto works of service/ministry").  
I think that the second _eis_, however, may be something like a purpose or 
result clause indicator (I don't have my grammar here at work, so somebody 
feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).  Thus, the reading of this last 
section may be something like "so that the body of Christ (which includes 
all the saints anyway, cf Eph 1) is built up"  or "for the building up of 
the body of Christ."  This translation is not really that much different 
than yours, with the exception that the last clause IMO doesn't have to 
refer to either "saints" or "apostles, etc."  Does this help?  Any other 

Leo Percer
Baylor University