Re: Eklektos and EklogH/dturner

>>Maybe I'm missing something Doug, but a perusal of Moulton and Geden doesn't
>>seem to support your assertions.  Ethnic Jews are implicated as eklektos in
>>several texts, esp. 1 Pet 2:9/Isa 43:20.  Paul does use eklogH in Rom, but
>>uses eklektos in 8:33; 16:13.

>>I don't understand where this is heading in Matt 24.  Are you saying that it
>>indicates that the elect in Matt 24 aren't Jewish?

Paul's use of eklektos in Romans is not referring to jews, but rather the
elect/chosen of God as a whole. The same thought definitely follows in 1 Pe 2:9.
It does build upon Jewish tradition, but it must be the generally applicable to
all believers.

Of the 23 uses of eklektos in the NT, (I am using the received text only right
now), not one is contextually specific of ethnic Jews.

The direction I am going in Mt 24 has to do with an eschatolgical study I am
You are right in saying I do not think the elect mentioned in Mt 24 are only

What I was seeking in my question though was to understand grammaticly and
etymologically the difference between the two words "Eklektos and EklogH".  The
tools I have include a few greek manuscipts, an internlinear, strongs, vines,
and Online Bible's Greek Dictionary. 

Any help in differentiating these words would be most useful to me.


Doug Hanley

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