Re: JOHN 1

What is the probability of an pre-Nicene interpretation best illustrated
with modern-day punctuation along the lines of ... 

            the word was: "God"
            (or, "God" was the word)

This would mean that the Messiah was referential to God, just as a word 
refers to a thing, but at the same time the word is different from the thing.

Any problems with that in terms of Greek?

-Greg Jordan

On Tue, 12 Jul 1994, David Coomler wrote:

>     Traditionally, "ho logos hn pros ton Theon, kai _Theos_ hn ho logos "
> has been translated as "the word was God" or as "the word was divine," or
> even vaguely as "what God was the word was."  Any viewpoints on the best,
> most "accurate" translation of " Theos hn ho logos" are welcome.  Are
> there textual or grammatical parallels elsewhere?