Jesus = God

David wrote,

>The fact that the following words refer to the Messiah creating the world 
>is *not at all* proof that this equates the pre-existent Messiah with God. 
>"By his word God created the world" was interpreted messianically in 
>Jewish tradition, that God used his instrument to create, etc., and this 
>sense is found elsewhere in the New Testament. This passage, in fact, 
>is one of the very few (two? by my last count) which *might* support 
>the Nicene concept of Christ being God. That is why it is a point of interest.

Is one of the passages you refer to as supporting "the Nicene concept of
Christ being God" John 1:18b?

        John 1:18b - I refer to the expression describing Jesus as the
"monogenEs Qeos".

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