Re: Translation, etc.

On Thu, 14 Jul 1994, Ken Hall wrote:

> Does the learned in Greek have an advantage over the unlearned?
> Doesn't the power of the Holy Spirit level the playing field?  Or, as
> I believe, isn't the Holy Spirit all that is required?
Well, Ken, I'd say that Christian tradition has tended to understand the
Holy Spirit as (1) giving a readiness to receive truth, (2) a submission
to the truth, (3) and incentive to learn the truth, (4) and a deeper (or
"higher") appropriation of the truth (e.g., John 14-16).  But the faith
that the Holy Spirit imparts needs some level of understanding, and for
this we need good old hard work and hard thought, and mutual dialogue,
benefiting from those whose gifts and training we may not have been
privileged to have shared.  

Larry Hurtado, Religion, Univ. of Manitoba