Re: Level playing field?

On Fri, 15 Jul 1994, Ken Hall wrote:

>         I do not consider the gift of interpreting other languages as a
> spiritual
> gift.  To me, interpreting other languages is an entirely natural process.  It
> requires much time, effort, and education.  Anyone on earth, Christian or
> non-Christian, can interpret other language.  A certain talent of language
> interpretation couldn't hurt, but that talent would be a natural enduement
> and not supplied by the Holy Spirit.

    Okay then, does "nature" endow all people equally with the gift of
interpreting other languages?  (Assuming a Judeo/Christian perspective,
does *nature* give any gifts?  Or do all gifts come from God [or the

    You see, I like to think I can interpret some of the Bible, but I do
not have the gift of interpreting other languages.  I constantly depend
upon scholars to interpret the other languages for me. 

    Every Bible I've ever read has been in English.  My understanding of
the scripture relies heavily on the translator's understanding of Greek
(or Hebrew or Aramaic).  To gain greater understanding of a passage, I
sometimes check the opinions of other scholars.  (That is, I check a
different translation/paraphrase.)

    While through the guidance of the spirit, I may be able to interpret 
English scriptures, I don't necessarily believe I could interpret Greek 
scriptures better than someone who has worked for years honing their 
"natural" (or if you will, God given) talent.

					Tom Blake
					Binghamton University