Re: Translation, etc.

Ken my name sake, as Pentecostal Christians we place first in our 
theology and in our Christian Life practice emphasis on the Holy Spirit. 
However, I cannot agree with you totally in your attempt to make the 
Spirit do what He Himself has not place as his work. The use of a spirit 
filled mind to interpret bad translations. If the translation can be 
overruled by bad wording and disregard for the context then I suppose 
that if I "read" a Bible translation in Russian (which I don't know) I 
can get the true meaning of the text. Anyone I think who has studied the 
Greek Text of the New Testament would agree that sometimes you just can't 
get it from a translation. After all the text that says, "Study to shew 
thyself approved unto God" was written by a man who knew Greek, but not 
English. The Holy Spirit encourages study, right doctrine and all the rest.
	A matter of fact, many Christians are thrown off by the KJV. I 
teach a New Members class at my church and almost every person thinks 
that the word "Ye" is singular. So people don't even know English! 
	Of course a person can know the truth of the Gospel without Greek 
or English, but it is doubtful that he or she will be able to study doctrine 
or a study of the words of the English text without some reference to 
"the Greek". 
	(Of course, it is commonly understood that even 
the word translated "study" does not literally mean that.)

Ken Hammonds  hammonds@netcom.com
West Angeles, Church of God in Christ
Los Angeles, CA