Important News

The following is my selection of recent news items which may not have come
to your attention, but which I believe are EXTREMELY important for
Christians to be aware of.  Please, please read this, intercede on behalf
of the individuals and the policies involved, and take some sort of action.
 Please forward this to others who you think ought to hear it and who might
pray and/or act on it.  Please bear in mind that the sources are named and
I am not taking responsibility for the accuracy and/or objectivity of the
writing.  If your only source of news is the liberal, anti-Christian news
media (these labels are used for the actual meaning, not as perjoratives),
then it is likely that you are not going to be hearing this news anywhere
else, or the news and information you as a Christian need to be hearing.

Jonathan Bloedow
Cornell University
"Blow a trumpet in Zion, Sound the alarm on My holy mountain" -- Joel 2:1

>From Washington Watch, July 1, 1994, published by the Family Research
Council, 700 13th St., NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005. Phone
202-393-2100.  Legislative information line: 202-783-HOME.


        [The f]ederal embryo research panel concluded its deliberations
June 22.  In [a] major policy switch, [the] panel voted 16-0 to approve
creation of human embryos solely for research purposes, with taxpayer
support from [the] National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Md.  In
separate action, [the] panel voted to limit research to embryos less than
14 days post-fertilization.  After that point, embryos must be destroyed. 
[The p]anel's report [is] scheduled for release as we go to press. 
"Rubber-stamp" approval is expected from President Clinton's newly
appointed NIH Director, Dr. Harold Varmus.  [My note: Your government is
now bringing people into the world solely to serve as human guinea pigs, to
be experimented on, and then to be murdered after they reach 14 days of
age.  And you are being forced to pay for this.  IF CHRISTIANS WON'T STAND
to stop this?]

        [The] Clinton Administration [is] set to redeploy abortion doctors
to Europe.  President Clinton signed [an] order in 1993 allowing elective
abortion at U.S. military hospitals overseas.  Until now, no abortions have
been performed because military doctors have refused.  To overcome
resistance, [the] Pentagon is now shipping two abortionists to an Army
hospital in Germany.  Health care providers who do not wish to assist
elective abortiosn are not required to do so.  But [the] Pentagon stated in
[a] May 9 memo that when "it is not feasible to provide pre-paid abortion
services...the military shall develop other means to assure access."  [My
note: How many other so-called "medical" procedures do you think the
government would ship special practitioners around the world to guarantee
their provision?  This administration will stop at nothing to guarantee the
mass destruction of human life.  It is their goal to make sure that, if
there is anywhere in the world where babies are not being slaughtered in
the womb, that situation is changed.]

        The saga of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's
"religious harassment" regulations grinds on.  On June 9, Sen. Howell
Heflin (D-Ala.) held a hearing at which various witnesses explained why the
draft guidelines threaten to undermine religious freedom.  The Senate later
voted 94-0 for a non-binding resolution criticizing the guidelines.  FRC
continues to support a more strongly worded resolution in the House by Rep.
Buck McKeon (R-Cal.), awaiting a vote.  Meanwhile, Reps. Frank Wolf (R-Va.)
and Charles Taylor (R-N.C.) will try to cut off funds to implement the new
guidelines unless the notion of "religious harassment" is removed from
them.  [My note: If you are not familiar with this situation, the EEOC is
proposing to make "religious harassment" in the workplace a federal crime. 
While this sounds fair, remember that any form of evangelism might be
construed in the eye of the beholder as harassment.  Even having a picture
of Jesus might be considered by an atheist as harassment.  Many people fear
that the easiest solution for employers fearing lawsuits, would be to set
up religion-free zones at the workplace.  The EEOC claims that this would
not happen, and that all they are doing is clarifying the law that already
exists.  As an additional note, the Constitution nowhere gives government
agencies law-making authority, but that is exactly what is happening now
all the time.]

        HIRE LAW?
        A homosexual political action group has gathered 71 signatures from
U.S. Senators on a statement pledgin that "sexual orientation is not a
consideration in the hiring, promoting or terminating of an employee" in
their offices.  The list, which includes Bob Dole (R-Kan.), Connie Mack
(R-Fla.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Hank Brown (R-Colo.), Richard Lugar
(R-Ind.), Kay Hutchison (R-Tex.) and Paul Coverdell (R-Ga.), is priceless
propaganda for Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and others planning to
introduce bills that would make it illegal for private firms to decline to
hire homosexuals.  [My note: Note that this would include any private
day-care centers, private schools, restaurants, etc...]

        The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment
for the Arts have sponsored an assault on psychologists and Christian
ministries that aid people struggling with homosexuality.  "One Nation
Under God," a 90-minute documentary that PBS aired in June, takes
interviews of Christians out of context and misrepresents the growing
ex-gay movement.  Meanwhile, PBS ignored Congressional criticism and
re-aired the lurid homosexual soap opera miniseries "Tales of the City"
during June ("Gay-Pride Month").

        SAFE AT HOME
        A new study published in Planned Parenthood's academic journal,
Family Planning Perspectives shows that adolescent boys who have employed
mothers initiate sexual activity at a younger age than boys whose mothers
area at home full-time.  The study builds on other evidence linking
parental absence to various social problems among latch-key children
(including learning deficits and drug abuse).  The findings argue for tax
policies that make it easier for families to survive on one income, and
family-friendly work-place rules that encourage more after-school parental
supervision of children.

        FRC and other pro-life organizations gained national press with
news of a coming boycott of products made by Roussel-Uclaf, the French
company that developed the abortion pill RU-486. The company yielded in May
to pressure from the Clinton Administration to give the drug's formula to
the Population Council.  U.S. trials and a domestic manufactuere are teh
goal.  On July 7, FRC will join with the Natioal Right toLife COmmittee
(NRLC) and other pro-family groups to announce the boycott list, including
polyester products.  For details, call NRLC at 202-626-8800.

        New York Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani decried "prejudice" against
homosexuality in a speech for Gay Games 1994, an Olypics-style competition
during a late-June celebration of "homosexuality, bisexuality and
transgenderism."  Giuliani also ensured that Yankee Stadium be made
available for the Games' closing ceremonies.  Congress also played its
part, as the House Subcommittee on Select Education and Civil Rights staged
a pro-homosexual hearing at New York University on "Employment
Discrimination Against Lesbians and Gays."  No pro-family groups were
invited to testify.

My summary: A study commissioned by the FRC, conducted by the independent
CONSAD Research Corporation, found that employer mandates, the element in
most of the health plans which would require employers to pay up to 80
percent of health care premiums, would result in a loss of 850,000 jobs. 
Fifty-five percent of all these job losses would be suffered by families
with children under 18.  The total number of parents and children affected
are 464,000 and 870,000 respectively.  The job-loss impact would fall most
heavily on the uninsured and under-insured.  Call 1-800-225-4008 and
request "Job Loss and the Clinton Health Plan."