ESTIN, HN with nominatives

Well my search methods were far from perfect but I looked for nominative 
nouns (with or without the article) on either side of ESTIN and HN with the
following results: (Note that I would have missed some of 
the article+participle but I picked up a couple)

John 1.4	the life was the light				AN is AN
John 3.29	the [one] having the bride bridegroom is	AP N is
John 5.15	Jesus is the [one] having made him whole	N is AP
John 20.31	Jesus is the Christ				N is AN
1John 1.5	the God light is				AN N is
1John 3.4	the sin is the lawlessness			AN is AN
1John 4.8	the God love is					AN N is
1John 4.15	Jesus is the Son				N is AN
1John 4.16	the God love is					AN N is
1John 5.1	Jesus is the Christ				N is AN
1John 5.6	the Spirit is the truth				AN is AN

It strikes me as interesting that AN ANARTHROUS NOUN ALWAYS *PRECEDES* THE 
COPULA IN JOHN. It is also interesting that while John has no problem 
using the article with Ihsous, he never does so with the copula and that 
while John uses the article in all the instances of Theos above, he 
doesn't in John 1.1c

There seem to be two issues:
	* The word order with the copula
	* The use of the article with Theos

I have forgotten which one of the two we are actually addressing :-)

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