Re: Level playing field?

> > Doesn't the power of the Holy Spirit level the playing field?

The metaphor here for interpretation seems to be at the root of the 
difficulty.  Why speak of the interpretation of scripture as if it 
were a competitive sporting event?  As I see it, those of us privileged 
to be in a position to gain tools for more possibilities of understanding 
are given those tools to SHARE in a cooperative community process that 
should look more like a log-cabin raising (or any other 
community-work-day image you choose) than a football game.  Why assume 
we're doing battle when we interpret scripture?  Surely history shows us 
that the text is rich with meanings that have sustained our forbears and 
those with whom we share the faith now, even if we don't always agree.
My apologies if I'm repeating something someone else has said on this 
theme.  I'm cleaning up several hundred messages and may have missed it.
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