Re: Level playing field

Ken Hall wrote,
> > Doesn't the power of the Holy Spirit level the playing field?                                                

Susan responded,
>The metaphor here for interpretation seems to be at the root of the
>difficulty.  Why speak of the interpretation of scripture as if it
>were a competitive sporting event?  As I see it, those of us privileged
>to be in a position to gain tools for more possibilities of understanding
>are given those tools to SHARE in a cooperative community process that
>should look more like a log-cabin raising (or any other
>community-work-day image you choose) than a football game.  Why assume
>we're doing battle when we interpret scripture?  Surely history shows us
>that the text is rich with meanings that have sustained our forbears and
>those with whom we share the faith now, even if we don't always agree.
>My apologies if I'm repeating something someone else has said on this
>theme.  I'm cleaning up several hundred messages and may have missed it.
The metaphor of a playing field is valid.  I argue against the assumption
that because one knows how to translate the orginal Biblical language, one 
therefore has an advantage in the interpretation of Scripture.  I argue that
only one versed in the language of the Holy Spirit--that is, able to know
the voice of God within one's spirit--can one truly apprehend the
Scripture; whether she be a Biblical scholar or not.  By all means, praise
God for Biblical scholarship and a rich history of the same; but, truly,
only the Holy Spirit can properly translate the Word into living experience
of the Word.

A level playing field does not necessarily imply doing battle.  Peaceful,
fun, recreational and uplifting games may fit this metaphor as well.

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