Re: JWs


I don't see what trying to figure out John 1:1 has to do with being a 
Jehovah's Witness (I don't know about the interest in stauros).  The 
Jehovah's Witnesses as I recall are tritheists, which Arius certainly was 
not (so they are not Arians, and as for Aryans, well I don't think so 
...).  Anyway, the Roman Catholics admit many early patristic writers had 
"subordinationist" leanings, and we all know about the early Reformation 
in Eastern Europe where Nicene trintarianism was questioned.  Then there 
are the Unitarians, and the Quaker non-creedal stance.

So as long as we're talking about the Greek NT with linguistic and 
(hopefully) intersubjectively verifiable methods, can't we avoid 
seeming like we're walking between the mine-fields of orthodoxy and
cults?  It seems to me getting past all that, automatic theological
reflexes, is one good reason for studying the Bible in the original

-Greg Jordan

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