Re: Stauros

On Mon, 18 Jul 1994, Michael I Bushnell wrote:

> I find it interesting that the discussion here has recently involved
> two apparently different translational issues.  First was the correct
> translation of John 1; then comes the correct meaning of <stauros>.
> Now it might appear that these are unconnected.  But there is, of
> course, a notable connection: they are both issues in which Jehovah's
> Witnesses have taken vastly minority translations and made them
> _de_fide_.  JW's believe an essentially Aryan faith, for which John 1
> must be read in a very different way from the orthodox tradition, and
> believe that Jesus was crucified on a `torture stake' and not the
> cruciform Roman implement.
> Something tells me we're going to be talking about the prohibition on
> eating blood next.
> 	-mib

The implied connection does not exist in my motives.  I have no interest
in the group mentioned other than possibly as a social phenomenon.  I am
interested only in textual elucidation.  I hope that lays this completely
mistaken assumption to rest.