Level playing field

Ken Hall wrote,
>> The metaphor of a playing field is valid.  I argue against the assumption
>> that because one knows how to translate the orginal Biblical language, one
>> therefore has an advantage in the interpretation of Scripture.
Bill Chapman asked
>What if both are spirit filled, and one knows Greek?
The Spirit always takes precedence.  Knowing Greek should only help clarify
what the Spirit of God teaches.  The operation of the Spirit of God within the
spirit of a person is significantly more important than the operation of the 
human mind and its abilities.  The mind must be the handmaiden of the spirit. 
The mind must serve the spirit.  The mind and intellect handle the world of 
Greek, or any language for that matter.  The human spirit is that place and 
that place alone where God is known and where the Bible can be properly 
interpreted by the Holy Spirit.


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