Re: Gift of languages

>> "when they had performed all things according to the law of the Lord,
>> they returned into Galilee, to their own city Nazareth", does mean that
>> they didn't go into Egypt for a spell.  Luke merely omits it.  Omission
>> does not imply that it didn't happen.
>This seems a very misleading way of reading a text to me.  If I were
>reading an account of the Oregon Trail and someone mentioned that the
>pioneers stopped overnight at the Dalles, and then went on down
>the Columbia River, I would not assume that they took a few weeks or
>months or years out to visit Los Angeles between their stop at the Dalles
>and their continued journey down the river.  I would think that we should
>demand at least this much coherence from the text.
Only a thought, but look again at the first sentence of the quotation.
Since going to Egypt and coming back from it fulfills a messianic prophecy,
wouldn't that trip count as performing something "according to the law of
the Lord"?

In the words of your Oregon Trail analogy, try "overnight at the Dalles,
attended to other necessary business, and went on down the Columbia River."

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