Impartial discussions

Catching up on mail I read, from it matters not who,
> even though I am not a Jehovah's Witness, a
> Mormon, a member of  ...
> or any other
> denomination with a Christological axe to grind ...

Really? A Christian with no specific christology? An atheist with
no axe to grind re christology? Pehaps a really-O truly-O agnostic?
Frankly, I doubt it. Let's recall that we *all* have commitments
and prejudices (in *all* areas of life & debate:-), and that
"orthodoxy is my doxy, heresy is everyone else's doxy".

I'd suggest (a) we should do our best to avoid emotive terms
like "heresy", "sect", &c and (b) we shall probably not
succeed since almost all our vocabulary contains an element
of value-judgement within it.

Warmly, Douglas de Lacey, Cambridge UK.