I  am interested in the ambiguities the NT often presents.   For example, at
the baptism of Christ, are we to understand that the Spirit descended
in the form of a dove, or as a dove would descend?  _hos peristeran_ seems
unclear.  Also, did it descend _on_ him, or _into_ him?  Again, _eis_ is
unclear.   And unfortunately these are not the only vague spots, yet they
are often glossed over in English as though they were perfectly clear.  I
particularly find the use of _ekballei_ interesting when used of the
Spirit driving Jesus out into the wilderness--it seems such a strong term,
used also for the casting out of demons.  I continually have the feeling
that the text as we now have it presents us with lots of mixed and
fragmented "dry bones," and it is quite difficult to discern the nature
of the creatures from which they came.