Re: _stauros_

On Tue, 26 Jul 1994 CWALKER@apollo.roundlake.baxter.com wrote:

> I'd like to add my $0.02 to this discusson.  There is one detail that I have
> yet to figure out:  The wounds on His hands.
> If Jesus was crucified on a stake, how could his hands (wrists) been
> pierced?  To me, this detail seems to eliminate the idea of just a stake.
An interesting observation.  Yet I can see no problem to the use of nails
with a stake.  But, oddly enough, only "John," of all the Gospels,
mentions nails (the "doubting Thomas") episode.  And the OT "They have
pierced my hands and my feet" is apparently somewhat mutilated in Hebrew
form, so that translation is not necessarily correct (in fact, it probably
is not).