KJV question

Since I accidentally erased the message that was posted concerning the text  
 types and the kjv question, I am not sure exactly to whom this reply 
should be sent.  
	It looks like you have been doing some good reading concerning the 
issues of the textual transmission, Greek editions, and translation theory.
First of all let me suggest three other sources which are invaluable in your 
study of these issues.  Metzger's, "Text of the NT". Aland and Aland's, "Text 
of the NT", and Carson's "The KJV Debate: a plea for realism".
	Second, be sure to distinguish between "Rational Eclecticism" and 
"Radical Eclecticism".  "Rational Eclecticism" sees the value of internal 
evidence in evaluating a variation unit, but at the same time gives weight 
to the external evidence.  "Radical Eclecticism" on the other hand tends to 
put the majority of weight when evaluating a variation unit on the internal 
evidence.  This view assumes that the proper reading is somewhere in the 
extent mss and one need only to choose the one within the textual tradition 
which makes the "best sense" based on internal criteria, irregardless of 
external evidence.  
	Third, be careful not to assume that the TR and the Majority text 
are synonomous terms.
	I am not an experienced NT Text Critic but these are a few things 
pointed out to me in a recent Text Criticism Seminar.  Hope they are 
	D. Williamson