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D. Williamson,

This is Paul Mikulecky (pronounced Miku-lets-ski), I am the one who put the 
original post about Textual Criticism, textual variants, KJV debate etc.

I thank you for your input. I have just reserved a copy of Carson's book
on the KJV debate at the nearest Christian Bookstore. Do you know if
this book discusses the disctinction between Rational and Radical

First, I am not sure that I understand the distinction. Are you saying that
Rational Eclecticism looks at one family of text but also looks to
other families for guidance, while on the other hand, Radical Eclecticism 
tends to stay within only that one textual family? Is this correct? If so 
which do you view as the more reasonable? (does my use of the term 
reasonable already answer my question - ie. the Rational Eclectics?)

Second, do you have examples of who would be a Rational as opposed to
a Radical eclectician (is this a word?) ? How would Westcott-Hort and 
Nestle-Alland fit into this picture?

I think I am still confused about the difference between the TR and the
Majority text. You said that I should be careful not to assume that they
are synonomous. How do you see them defined?

I do not have access to Metzger's or Allands' works. I will try to 
see if the University of Calgary has any copies but at the moment
I am trying to get as much information as I can through other sources
(hence the use of the NET).

Many Thanks,
(email: paul.mikulecky@actc.ab.ca)

(Greg Jordan   - thanks for the input. 
 Doug Palmer   - also many thanks - as noted above I am getting Carson's
                 book. I will let the email contact James White (tight
                 budget and all that...)
 David Coomler - I sent you a note about Apologia, I hope you got it.
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