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In a message dated 07-20-94 Carl Conrad wrote to Steve Schaper:
 CC> It would seem to me that this exchange is at an impasse and was in
 CC> fact futile from the outset, or at least as soon as Ken Hall made
 CC> clear his assumptions regarding the functioning of the Spirit and
 CC> then regarding Biblical inerrancy. If Biblical texts are thus
 CC> privileged communications from God, they are not to be understood
 CC> like any other literary texts as subject to the conditioning of
 CC> human understanding by an author's time or place.This leaves little
 CC> or nothing open to discussion aimed at demonstrating the
 CC> reasonability of alternative views.

 Somehow you managed to draw the exact opposite conclusions. Those who hold
to Biblical inerrancy, believe in common-sense grammatical historical
exegesis. That the message of the text is in the language and idiom of the
time, that the first hearers and readers are the original audience whose
understanding of those idioms and semantic domains are what we must
understand in order to correctly understand the content of the text.

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