Re: Stauros/Crux

Steve Schaper wrote:
 The Tau cross comes from the forced 'conversion' of the Norse by King Olaf.
Since many remanied devotees of Thor, and since Thor's Hammer, a T shape, 
their symbol, the Tau Cross came into being as a subterfuge by Thor- 
worshipping pagan remnants, for a few generations anyway.
Please read your early Christian literature!
     You  m_u_s_t  look at documents like the "Epistle of Barnabas" 
from the early second century.  It clearly and unequivocally equates 
the symbol named "tau", which we recognize from the epigraphy of the 
time as virtually idendical to our capital "T", with the cross on which 
Jesus was killed.  It goes even further and makes various theological 
and numerological arguments based on the equation of T (tau) with the 
cross.  Barnabas is in (easy) Greek and easily procurable...hardly an 
obscure text.
     King Olaf died in the 11th century; I have seen his gravesite.  I 
have a great deal of concern about your omission of some basic 
historical evidence.  Please be more cautious in your proclamations, 
and heed the warning of Euripides shown below.

--David N. Wigtil.  Technical Assessment.  U. S. Department of Energy.
Sophronos d' apistias
ouk estin ouden khresimoteron brotois.  (Euripides, "Helen" 1617-1618)
(There's nothing more helpful for mortals than sensible disbelief.)
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