Help me understand...

Dear list,

Help me understand...

I have just returned from a five week trip to New Zealand.  During my 
stay we were privileged to speak to hundreds of school children, (this is 
legal in NZ as long as one gives no invitation), hold a week long bible 
program serving over 100 different children, work with two youth groups, 
participate in home study groups (cell groups), and preach the gospel in 
two different churches.  This experience was my first time out of the 
country and changed my perspectives on many things.  We lived in the 
homes of the people of NZ and spent many hours with the lost and the 
saved.  Here is my dilemma...

I never once had a person, lost or saved, argue about anything having to 
do with the "textus correctus", or whether Jesus died on a cross or a 
stake.  In all my preaching and conversing, I chose to relay the simple 
message that Jesus is sufficient to heal the hurts and wounds of living 
in a world without God.  The lost were concerned about the unexplainable 
joy and peace of the Christian and whether or not our experiences with 
Jesus were as real as the words that we spoke.  So I returned to the 
world of Internet and America to find...

My question...Are the discussions at hand helping us to understand our 
relationship with the Father or are we stating that we have forgotten 
in what the people Jesus died to save are really interested?  Let us 
return to the time in our lives when the crisis of the gospel first 
called us to Jesus.  Let us return to the child-like love for Him and His 
word.  Let us leave anything which will not directly help us fulfill His 
calling on each of our lives.

Thanks for your time and eyes,

Todd Sukany
Pleasant Hope, MO 65725
E-mail Tsukany@ozarks.sgcl.lib.mo.us