Purpose of the List

There does seem to be some confusion what we meet here for. In the same
batch of mail, I find one urging us to "child-like faith", and another
saying the List is essentially for improving one's Greek.

I was under the impression it was for the careful and scholarly
discussion of New Testament matters - in Greek if and when the Greek
illuminates the problem, but not necessarily so, if the Greek does not
add anything to the English. Above all for facing the issues that modern
New Testament scholarship has raised, and continues to raise. Certainly
not child-like in pretending real problems of understanding the New Testament
do not exist for serious, sincere and modern-educated people. When we talk
to children, I am sure we all try to talk in a way appropriate for them.
There is, as the Good Book says, a time and a place. What is this list a
time and place for? And who defines "net.common.courtesy"?

John Richards                                       Stackpole Elidor (UK)