I wonder, David, if you and others are familiar with the reading of 2
Timothy by Michael Prior (_Paul the Letter-Writer and the Second Letter to
Timothy_, JSNTSup 23 (Sheffield: JSOT, 1989)).

He conducts a study of _spendomai_ and _analusis_ (see esp. 91-112) and
concludes that "there is no support, either among the Semites or Greeks
for understanding the verb _spendomai_ to mean the offering of oneself in
a bloody oblation" (94).  Instead, Paul ponders "pouring" himself "out"
in further ministry.  "The whole tone of 4.9-21 suggests that Paul was
preparing an apostolic team for further missionary activity" (111).

Other aspects of Prior's argument are equally unusual.  Has anyone seen
any reaction to Prior's book . . . or care to offer any?  How sound is his
work on _spendomai_? 

John McVay (jmcvay@puc.edu)
Pacific Union College