Re: Electronic Apostolic Fathers

An electronic version of the Lightfoot-Harmer edition of the Apostolic
Fathers has long been available on CD-ROM, I think (first FABS, now
taken over by American Bible Society, but perhaps now out of print), and
is accessible on the ccat.sas.upenn.edu gopher (under CCAT Texts >
Religion > Church Fathers > Apostolic Fathers, or some such path).

Try to telnet gopher@upenn.edu
and select ccat.sas
to get going (unless the system has been changed recently...).

My own 1965 Translation and Commentary on Barnabas and the Didache is
also almost available electronically -- that is, parts are ready,
although suitable formatting of the entire body of materials (intro,
translations, notes, commentary) has yet to be completed. Interested
parties should feel free to contact me. The Lightfoot-Harmer materials
can also be obtained on diskette, if you can't gopher them.

Bob Kraft, UPenn / CCAT (kraft@ccat.sas.upenn.edu)