Re: Stauros

Sorry about the earlier message that choked in mid-sentence.  Here is what
I meant to say:
I just got a copy (2 vols.) of Raymond Brown's _Death of the Messiah_, and
was interested to note that he also says we cannot be certain exactly what
type of _stauros_ is intended in the Gospels.  He does, however, appear to
exclude the upright stake form, apparently due to historical data
indicating that the uprights were (usually? sometimes? often?) left in
place; he apparently considers the _stauros_ born by Jesus in the NT to
have been a crossbeam.  He also mentions various types of crosses,
including a sort of framework of planks used for multiple crucifixions. 
Anyone interested in this topic might want to read his remarks, which are
interesting, but I doubt definitive.