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In a message dated 07-26-94  scott wrote to Steve Schaper:
 s>   I am aware that the word translated "virgin" in the passage in
 s> Isaiah does not actually mean chaste.

 In college, my professor of Hebrew, Richard Whitaker, who has published part
of an Eerdman's commentary, as well as working on the computerized Ugaritic
concordance, etc., said that the reason that betullah was not used was
because it was the name of a Canaanite goddess, and if Isaiah had used that
term for virgin, instead of the term for young, unmarried woman (who as a
holy woman, would indeed be a virgin, as the rabbis who translated the
Septuagint knew), he would have been stoned to death for appearing to predict
that YHWH would have a child by a Canaanite goddess.

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