Re: transliteration

On 17 Aug 1994 David.Wigtil@hq.doe.gov wrote:
> The basic alphabet seems to be:
> A B G D E Z H Q I K L M N C O P R S T U F X Y W
> with )( used for breathings, | (vertical bar) used for iota-subscript, a 
> preceding * for initial capital letters, and /\= used for acute, grave, and 
> circumflex, though I forget whether they precede or follow 
> vowels/diphthongs.  I don't remember what they use for final sigma.

Diacritics follow vowels except word initially (and hence follow the 
*second* vowel in a diphthong). Final sigma is sometimes J, sometimes 
just S.

ANOTHER alternative, and one used by some people on this list is to use 
English digraphs ph, ch, th, ps, etc for phi, chi, thEta and psi 
respectively and to use E for Eta (versus e for epsilon) and O for Omega 
(versus o for omicron).

Both systems seem to have their advantages.

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