Re: transliteration

>though I forget whether they precede or follow 
>vowels/diphthongs.  I don't remember what they use for final sigma.

Diacritical marks go after. "j" is final sigma. I'd suggest using real 
upper/lower case letters and forget the * (They did not have up/low on the 
computers the TLG started on in 72).

alfa             A
beta             B
gamma            G
delta            D
epsilon          E
digamma/vau (=6) V
zeta             Z
eta              H
theta            Q
iota             I
kappa            K
lamda            L
mu               M
nu               N
ksi              C
omicron          O
pi               P
rho              R
sigma (both)     S
sigma final      J
tau              T
upsilon          U
phi              F
chi              X
psi              Y
omega            W
sampi(=900)      #5
diaeresis        +
midpoint punct.  :
smooth breathing )
rough breathing  (
iota subscript   |
acute accent     /
grave accent     \
circumflex acc.  =
John Baima
Silver Mountain Software