re: PROLAMFANW in Gal. 6:1

I would like to comment on David Moore's request for comments on Gal. 6:1, 
specifically the translation of PROLAMFANW:

I believe that it should be temporal in force since I believe here Paul
is warning about our thoughts turning away from the pure.  Since we have
to feel it in our hearts before we can profess anything in our thoughts 
or speach, then it is a temptation that has already taken hold on us.

Paul is trying to get others to realize that if it comes to our concious
thoughts, then we have already concieved it in our hearts.  Jesus even
commented on this in Matthew 12:34b "for out of the abundance of the heart 
the mouth speaketh."

If we correct our fellow bretheren without being humble, we have a tendency
to be self-righteous.  A self-righteous attitude is the same as being
"puffed up" which is pride, and hence sinful.  Therefore, we are to avoid
temptation by always being humble.  Therefore if we speak in humillity, then
we have already had humility in our hearts.  But if we speak out of self-
righteousness, then we have already had pride in our hearts.

It is just my thought on the subject.

Richard A. Guay