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At 03:33 PM 9/1/94 EDT, Nichael Cramer wrote:
>Another recommendation request for a non-expert lurker:
>Which is/are the lexicon(s) of choice for NTGreek?
My recommendation is Liddel & Scott.  It is primarily a classical lexicon, 
but there are a couple of advantages to this.

First, the unabridged and the less abridged versions give the historical 
development of words from Homer until about the 4th AD.  This gives a good 
sense of how the word evolved, and perhaps some additional nuances of meaning.

Secondly, since the aim of the lexicon was not for New Testament 
theologians, there are no theological biases that might creep in.  You are 
thus more likely to figure out what the average first century person on the 
street in Thessalonica, Antioch, or Alexandria would have thought of by the 
words used.

>Given access to TDNT, how would that compare with use of a good lexicon?

Not certain what this is, but *nothing* beats a good lexicon.


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