lexicons- arsenokoitEs

It doesn't appear to me that the lexical entries on arsenokoitEs demonstrate
much bias:
	Liddell&Scott abridged (from 28th ed) p. 104- "one guilty of unnatural
	Liddell&Scott intermediate (from 7th ed) p. 119- "lying with men"
	LSJ with Supp 1968 p. 246- alternate spelling arrenokoitEs "sodomite"
	Newman's Concise (UBS) p. 25- "Male sexual pervert"
	BAG 1957 p. 109- "A male homosexual, pederast, sodomite"
	My BAGD 1979 is at home, I don't know if the entry has been revised.

David Turner  dturner@cornerstone.edu  Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary, MI