Re: arsenoikoites


An _ad hominem_ argument is never valid.  AND, if you expect not to 
be written off "because you are a christian, so what else would you 
say", then do not write someone off because you do not like what they 
are or because you suspect that their biases have tainted their 
argument (as if yours do not!).  ("Do unto others as you whoud have 
them do unto you.") Stick to arguing the point or you will be turned 
off by those who might otherwise have listened--and besides, your _ad 
hominem_ argument is contrary to email etiquette.

>     Fourthly, and I do not intend to be crass, but I denote an incredible 
> amount of bias here.  Does "usf" in your address stand for "University of 
> San Francisco?"  Do not be mistaken, I understand the genetic fallacy in 
> argument, however, I cannot come to any other conclusion based on your 
> total neglect to proper scholarship than to assume that you have either 
> been effected by presuppositional (and unfounded) arguments of the 
> homosexual community, or you are indeed a homosexual.  If it is the 
> latter of the two, I indeed pray for you.  I can then see that your poor 
> scholarship is accounted for by an attempt to justify an unjustifyable 
> sin (apart from the sacrifice of Christ and the natural repentance that 
> follows.)
>      Do not even think of addressing me as a "homophobic" either.  I, 
> by the actions of Christ, have learned to love the repentant sinner, yet 
> [hate (?)] the sin.
>      The following demonstrates how a growing number of the uneducated 
> (or "dumbed down") populace have fallen to the word games of homosexual 
> community:
> Michael Lipsey (lipsey@metronet.com)
> Head of the Apologetics Dept. (Tyndale Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth)

Glenn Wooden
Acadia Divinity College
Wolfville N.S.