Re: arsenoikoites


Are those name-calling hysterics and what pass for apologetics in your
department?  If so, you must always be in need of apologizing.  I find
your suggestion that only homosexuals would defend homosexuals
incredibly naive and bigoted. 

Reading the Bible through hateful lenses and setting up stumbling blocks 
that God may never had put there is indeed serious business.  A verse 
interpretation that divides families and makes teenagers commit suicide 
because they think God doesn't understand them or care about them is 
indeed important.  A verse interpretation that leads Christians to try to 
deny housing, employment, and personal safety to people who present no 
harm to them is very serious.  As long as we're being paranoid about 
organized attempts to sway interpretation of Scripture, which one seems
the most diabolical?

Why are you so afraid of what the Bible really says that you would rather 
cover it up with traditional prejudice?  God's message changes minds by 
spreading the truth; it doesn't hide its head in sins like heterosexism 
and homophobia.  Metanoia, not paranoia, is the message of Christ.  
Consider this a feeble attempt at a brotherly rebuke.


Greg Jordan