Re: Nature of Koine v. Classical?

Just a quick reply to the query: while there may be SOME subjective judgment
in this matter of what level the documents belong to, but there's not much
of that. As Rod said, the evidence of the papyri is overwhelming in its range
from official documents and literary works down to letters of barely literate
children to their kinfolk elsewhere. The entire spectrum is well-represented,
and if one wants to questions where the boundaries are to be drawn between
three or more categories, there is room to quibble--but I think that the
categories which Rod indicates for NT documents are not really open to much
doubt. There is more real evidence for the range of Greek written in the NT
period and for the next two or three hundred years than for any period up
until a couple centuries ago.

I for one would very much like to have the notes Rod offered to give us on
the recent work done in this area.

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