Request for information

Sorry to interrupt y'all... I'm not a Greek scholar, but I thought this group
would be an excellent place to get some information.  I want to learn to read
Greek for a Greek New Testament.  My problem is that there are so many books
out there that will supposedly help me learn, but I have a finite budget.  I
have received a couple of recommendations and have access to several from the
CBD, but wanted to know if anyone here had any recommendations or input.  Here
is what I have considered so far:

_The Language of the New Testament_ by Eugene Goetchius
_New Testament Greek for Beginners_ by J. G. Machen
_Learn to Read New Testament Greek_ by David Alen Black
_New Testament Greek: A Beginning-Intermediate Grammar_ by James A. Hewett
_A Beginner's New Testament Greek Grammar_ by Sakae Kubo
_Reading NT Greek: Complete Word Lists and Reader's Guide_ by Bernard B. Scott

The first two were recommended, the last four I found in the CBD catalog.
Has anyone here read, reviewed or heard about any of these?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

PS  I'm also looking into obtaining a Greek New Testament.  I am currently
    leaning towards the _UBS4_ and _Nestle-Aland 26th_.  Any comments on
    these, or others, would also be appreciated.

Dennis Burke