Re: Request for information

On Thu, 15 Sep 1994 10:51:25 ADT you said:
>> _New Testament Greek for Beginners_ by J. G. Machen
>I cannot imagine why anyone would want to use this text.  I learned
>Greek with it.  Now that I have taught from at least four others,
>I would never recommend Machen.  This text ASSUMES knowledge of
>classical languages (even though he states otherwise); it is
>illogically arranged so that each chapter is a hodge podge of
>material; it does (cannot) take into account what has been learned
>about Greek since its writing; .......
>Its one redeeming feature is the answer key! Maybe in your case
>(working by yourself, I am assuming from your message) it would be a
>gook book.

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, all the more since it has really
become outrageously expensive in the last two years--much too much for a
text that's not worth recommending in the first place!

>> PS  I'm also looking into obtaining a Greek New Testament.  I am currently
>>     leaning towards the _UBS4_ and _Nestle-Aland 26th_.  Any comments on
>>     these, or others, would also be appreciated.
>You might as well go with the standard text, either of the texts you
>not would be good.  However, if you can get a copy of UBS2, that is
>preferred by many scholars.

It should be said that UBS4 and NA26 are the identical text with very different
type-face and apparatus. The UBS text is certainly much easier on the eyes!

What really brought me to reply to the message, however, was my puzzlement
over WHY scholars are said to prefer UBS2 over UBS3 or 4? Please do explain
that, if you will, and is this a judgment that others concur with?

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