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At 10:50 AM 9/15/94 CST, Carl Conrad wrote:
>On Thu, 15 Sep 1994 10:51:25 ADT you said:
>>> _New Testament Greek for Beginners_ by J. G. Machen
>>I cannot imagine why anyone would want to use this text.
[much deleted, although agreed mwith.  Machen is a great book to learn 
Sanskrit from, not to good for Greek.

>>> PS  I'm also looking into obtaining a Greek New Testament.  I am currently
>>>     leaning towards the _UBS4_ and _Nestle-Aland 26th_.  Any comments on
>>>     these, or others, would also be appreciated.
>>You might as well go with the standard text, either of the texts you
>>not would be good.  However, if you can get a copy of UBS2, that is
>>preferred by many scholars.
>It should be said that UBS4 and NA26 are the identical text with very different
>type-face and apparatus. The UBS text is certainly much easier on the eyes!
>What really brought me to reply to the message, however, was my puzzlement
>over WHY scholars are said to prefer UBS2 over UBS3 or 4? Please do explain
>that, if you will, and is this a judgment that others concur with?

I seem to recall that UBS 3 relies more heavily on Sinaticus than previous 
editions, and I for one stopped using my UBS 3 because the text chooses 
readings in Sinaticus over other texts of similar antiquity for no apparent 
reason other than the reading in Sinaticus.  I use the _Majority Text_ these 
days - the apparatus is much easier to follow that either UBS or NA, and I 
can make my own mind up about the reading.
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