Homosexuality and Scripture

jordan@chuma.cas.usf.edu (Greg Jordan) wrote:

>If heterosexist Christians limited themselves to "warning" gays that >they 
>might be sinning by some of their actions, like the Orthodox Jews who 
>warn others not to eat cheeseburgers, then the whole issue might be a 
>tempest in a teapot.  On the other hand, the reality is that heterosexist 
>Christians have organized throughout the U.S. and world to deprive gays 
>and lesbians and bisexuals of their basic human rights, as if their 
>mere existence were an active attack on the heterosexual community.  But 
>I don't mean to get into a political discussion.  Suffice it to say that 
>Ezekiel preached repentance from *real* sins, not harrassment of 
>so-called sinners, which has always been the special preoccupation of the 
>Pharisee and hypocrite.

	"Heterosexist"??  Is that a word you coined yourself, Greg?  I haven't been
able to find it in any of the several dictionaries I consulted.

	Others on this list, including myself, are not convinced by your treatment
of scriptures relating to homosexuality.  I, for one, believe that your
personal orientation concerning this subject colors your judgement.  Your
interpretations overreach any reasoned reading of the text as you try to keep
homosexuality from being classed as sin.  You ignore or frantically
reinterpret any surrounding context to fit your presupposition that
homosexual activity is a legitimate, non-sinful expression of sexuality.
 That may sound good to those concerned with conforming to political
correctness.  But it makes no sense from a Christian point of view to be
pimarily concerned to take a politically correct position in an age that
cynically calls itself post-Christian.

	I don't wish you ill, as you imply that I do.  But I do perceive that the
Bible unequivocally calls homosexual activity sin.  In another post, you
called my position "homophobic."  Are, then, those who call adultery sin to
be called _moichophobic_.  Are there to be _kleptophobes_ and _phonophobes_?
 How about _pornophobes_?  Would that refer to those that call fornication
sin or those that call prostitution sin or would it refer to an aversion to
pornography?  Maybe there are such a thing as _pornophobes_.  

	You talk about repentance from *real* sins, not harrassment of so-called
sinners.  Well, homosexual activity would not be sin at all if it were not
*real* sin.  You are not really asking not to be harrassed: you are asking a
Christian baptism for the homosexual lifestyle.  No one with a biblically
based system of ethics is going to afford you that.  You need to repent.
 There is no door the way you are trying to come in.

David L. Moore