I think that it is finally time to express my opinion of the discussion that
gotten out of hand on this list. I've noted that a number of others have begun 
to say that enough is enough in the discussion of homosexuality. I agree.

A discussion of the meaning of a Greek word is certainly appropriate to the 
list, but I think the discussion passed that point a long time ago. I realize 
that there is no way to set limits on such discussion, but consensus seems to
that this particular thread has certainly overstayed its welcome.

I quit reading those messages altogether about two weeks ago, but by the looks 
of the topic list there's been at least 1,000 lines spilled since then. I have 
no idea of the content, but if the tone hasn't changed any, most of them are 
probably irrelevant to the purposes of the b-greek list. It is getting to be a 
pain to manually bypass the (ir)relevant posts which monopolize the list and,
my opinion, not only detract from the purpose and quality of the discussion 
here, but also discourage the involvement of others.

As several others have said, I think this ought to be continued in private
or the discussion transferred to a group more suited to such interests. I have 
no interest in it, and I suspect most others feel the same way. Since it
seem to be going away by itself, I've finally decided to voice my
I am also doing to the list owner with the request that he take appropriate 

Rodney J. Decker
Assistant Professor of Greek and Theology
Calvary Theological Seminary, Kansas City
(94-95 sabbatical explains the Univ. of Wisc. address!)