Re: Pauline Authorship of 1 Timothy

> One thing readily apparent from the recent debate on the Greek word
> ARSENOKOITHS is that is a very rare word and is first attested in
> Paul's 1 Corinthians.
> Now, this word also appears in one of the Pastorals (1 Timothy) whose
> Pauline authorship is in dispute.  To what exent is this use of ARSENO-
> KOITHS helpful to the analysis of the authorship of 1 Timothy?

Stylistically, the use of ARSENOKOITHS in 1 Timothy points to (but does not
decides) its genuineness.  These are stylistic similarities I can see:

- It is a rare and bland word not independently used by other Christian
writers until the 4th cen.  [But cf. Sybilline Oracle's use of the verb

- It appears in a vice list.  Romans 1 can also be read as a vice list.

- Its usage seems consistent with Paul's treatment of homosexuality: he does
not dwell on it, but mentions it for shock value almost gratuitously.  [Cf.
1Co6:9, Rm1:26-27]

I know that this in no way explains the stylistic differences between the
Pastorals and the undisputed letters, but I think it does show that the
author of the Pastorals had to be, at a minimum, quite familiar with Paul's
terminology and overall treatment of homosexuality.

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