Re: Mounce

> I was interested in what's been said about Mounce on the board the last 
> couple days and I'd like to take a look at that.

I've been saving all of the mail that I received or was posted in response
to my original question.  Here is what I have learned about _Basics of
Biblical Greek_ by William Mounce.

Andy Smith said,
  "In my Greek classes, I use William Mounce, _Basics of Biblical Greek_ 
   and recommend it highly."
He also said,
  "They have released a new edition this year, which supposed to be free 
   of erratta."

Gary Collier said he is using Mounce and said, 
  "It's the most user friendly grammar I have found, though I'm not happy 
   w/ how it treats participles."

David Turner agreed with the recommendation of Mounce.  He said, 
  "Mounce has a complete package, including Grammar, Workbook, vocabulary 
   and parsing software, quizzes, and exams.  Also answers to Workbook 
   exercises, which are taken from the NT."
He also reiterated that he prefers Mounce because of the "package" approach.

Rodney Decker also recommended Mounce.  He said,
  "For someone working on their own it contains far more help and 
   explanations than others."
He also said,
  "Mounce has another advantage that hasn't been mentioned: it is the 
   first af a multi-vol. set of books to be published by Zondervan 
   that will all key together. That would give you "growing room" and 
   use the same terminology as to do."

Dennis Burke