Re: Homosexuality and Scripture

Please forgive this off topic comment but an important note to add to this 

Homosexuality is no greater sin than murder, lying, cheating, lust, etc.

ALL OF US are guilty of the whole law by not being able to keep every 
part of it. Our goal should not be to convince someone trapped in the 
bondage of homosexuality the absolute wrongness of their conduct, but 
rather the absolute wrongess of the condition of their soul.

We are all sinners, but through Christ we have redemption. Approaches on 
both sides of this issue have been off at times. Our method and 
compulsion for service should be the same thing .... Christ's Love.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. Jesus sharply 
rebuked the self-righteous religious leaders, but to the downtroaden, the 
people caught in their sins, he extended grace, with an admonish of "Go 
and sin no more".

If we claim to live in Him, we must walk as Jesus did.

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