Re: Classical query (verbal aspect)

> A 2-fold query for you classicists:
> 1. What has been the response to McKay's grammar of classical Greek among
> other 
> classical scholars? (_Greek Grammar for Students: A Concise Grammar of
> Classical
> Attic with Special Reference to Aspect of the Verb_. Canberra: Australian 
> National Univ., 1974.)
> 2. Is there any significant discussion of verbal >aspect< (as oppossed to
> tense 
> or Aktionsart) in contemporary classical scholarship?

Ken's Attic grammar is still used as a textbook here in

I'll be glad to pass on to Ken any comments you have about his work.

He has a new book out which will be of interest to this group:
K. L. McKay:  `A new syntax of the verb in New Testament Greek',
  (Studies in Biblical Greek, volume 5), Peter Lang Publishing,
  ISBN 0-8204-2123-5.

>From the blurb:

`In recent decades it has been increasingly recognized that the forms
of the verb in ancient Greek, including that of the New Testament,
do not signal time (past, present, future), but aspect (the way
each activity is viewed in relation to its context).  Applying
the new insights, this book offers a concise and clearly stated
account of the way the verb works in the syntax of New Testament
Greek.  Its approach is pragmatic, with emphasis on context
rather than theory.  It can be read as a coherent account, and
its four indexes also make it a handy reference book.'

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