Re: LXX in Electronic Form?

>Does anyone know if the LXX is in electronic form?  And if so, where can I
>get it?
>A BBS preferably, as I do not have FTP capabilities (yet!).  Or can I buy
The LXX is available as part of the BibleWorks for Windows
package. This enables searching by keyword and also by morphology.
Details etc. can be obtained from Hermeneutika Computer Bible
Research Software, P.O Box 98563, Seattle, WA 98198-0563, Tel.
(206) 824-9673, Fax. (206) 824-7160. They can be contacted via
E-Mail at bibleworks@aol.com.

This software is the best Bible software I have ever seen (I am a
user and have no vested interest). It is worth buying a PC for!!

Hope this helps

Mark W Lucas (London)