Bauer-Aland 6th ed

I have only just read a now rather aged query about Bauer's 6th ed.
This I did use when working on a recent article on the verb forms in
Luke and in Dionysius of Halicarnassus.  When looking at these forms I found
that the older editions of Bauer tend to give a string of tense forms for the
verbs and then a list of authors who use the verb.  Bauer-Aland 6 is better
in this regard - it tends to list the present form then the authors who use
it, then say the future tense form and the authors who use that.  There are
probably other improvements which I have not looked at.

Of course the whole issue of usages should now be thoroughly revised by
consulting the TLG index which gives a much more comprehensive picture of
which authors use which word forms.  Even this is not 100% complete yet, but
it has a LOT more info than either the lexica or the grammars.

David M.
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