Re: Machen's grammar

In a message dated 09-16-94 "GARY D. COLLIER" wrote to Steve Schaper:
 "C> Glenn,    My brief time spent with Voelz gave me a headache dealing
 "C> with all the mistakes (errata).  I have a 1986 edition.  Has this
 "C> been "fixed"? (Of course, all new grammars have some problem with
 "C> this, but Voelz seemed to have more than its share.)
 Well I 'learned' with Kubo. Got Voelz after that, haven't actually gone
through it in detail. I like his layout (compared to Kubo) and the phonemic
information that he gives, which ties into my 'right-brained thinking' a lot
better. I have the First edition, the orange one. The new second edition is
blue, and is much thicker.
  One of my profs commented on his using virgins all the time. . . 

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