Help on the Words "Begotten & First Born"

On September 13, Daniel Hedrick wrote: 
>Help on the Words "Begotten & First Born" 
>Can someone help me with the greek origination of these 
>words used to describe Jesus. 
>I know that it has nothing to do with Jesus coming after the Father. 
I think the word you are looking for is 'monogenhs' (only, unique)  which 
comes from the adjective monos (only, alone) and the verb ginomai (become, be, 
be born). Other related words are genesis (birth, lineage), and the adjective 
gennhtos (born). 
One well-known usage of this is John 3:16: 
	'Outws gar hgaphsev o theos tov kosmon, wste ton uiov ton *monogenh* 
	(For God so loved the world that he gave his only son...) 
I didn't see any other responses to this so hope it isn't redundant by now. 
Mary Ann Davidson